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We can’t wait to get started on the 12th of April as long as  the government permit it. We decided to hold off from taking bookings until the 1st April just to be sure that things are on track in these turbulent times.

Once we do open we will have a full team and have also recruited an additional barber who is a fantastic addition to the team.So there should be even more appointments available.

We are really pleased to announce that James, who is very talented has joined our team at The Barber’s Room, welcome on board James

Meet the Team

The Team (left to right) – Mick, Terry, Hayley, Peri, Andy & Mo. 
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Mick founded The Barbers Room in 2008.

Mick has been in the trade for all his professional life and even further back

learning initially from his father who was also a barber by trade.

“Cutting men’s Hair and creating a great looking style is what I enjoy doing and never tire of”